Michael Bortolotto, is a successful professional speaker who lives with Cerebral Palsy. For the past twenty-two years people of all ages have been inspired, motivated, educated, and entertained by his "CAN DO" attitude.
By using real life experiences and examples, he encourages and persuades his audience to rethink, what they may believe is impossible to realizing anything is possible by being determined, persistent, and focus on
the end result.

Being a positive rebel, self-leadership, teamwork, vision, change, adversity, diversity, and entrepreneurism are Michael’s favorite topics to speaks about. Because Michael is a positive rebel, he also likes to addresses hot topics such as bullying in schools and the workplace, diversifying your workforce, and creating an inclusive society for everyone. Michael goes where others don’t dare to go.

Award Reception
In September of 2014 Michael was presented with the Cathleen Lyle Murray award at the 68th annual American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine 2014 Conference.

To know more about the history and criteria for receiving this award, please go to the Awards page.

Inspiring, encouraging and educating, Michael was born with Cerebral Palsy, for his entire life it has affected his large and small muscle coordination and for many years the clarity of his speech. Through the process of using physiotherapy, exercises, determination, courage, and dedication he has been able to conquer his own bodies disabilities. Using his own experiences of conquering his own inner challenges, Michael leads his audiences to re-examine their priorities and shift their perceptions to move beyond their own negative thoughts, false conditioning, ideas of limitations, insecurities and fears. So they can achieve their goals and pursue dreams they didn’t believe were possible.

Michael was raised to be a no holds barred, man of action, package of attributes, attitudes, and beliefs that shape his life and charge his spirit. This energy has given Michael the resolve to face and overcome all of the many physical, emotional, and social obstacles he has encountered throughout his life. He draws on his own self-beliefs, relentless desire, and raw courage to not only overcome these challenges, but to turn them into opportunities. Then in his true positive rebel style, Michael reaches out into the world community where he inspires, motivates, educates, and encourages others to do the same with their own lives. He does not draw on a single event in his life; it is his life, every single moment of it. After hearing Michael speak about his life it becomes very hard for anyone to make excuses and say, "I can't do that".

Michael is a rebel, a positive rebel. Over the past nineteen years, Michael has built a successful, professional speaking career and business. To date, he has given approximately 1900 speeches before more than 860,000 people in both Canada and the United States of America.