Booking Info


Michael has a full range of presentation options and fee’s, he is sure to find one for your needs and budget.  Please give his office a call to discuss how he can assist you in making your event or conference a success at 250-751-0083 or through cell number at 250-816-2989.


Incidental expenses such as B.C. Ferry fees, car rentals and fuel, hotel accommodations and airline tickets will be billed at cost within 30 days of the presentation.  Please note, Michael to stay in non-smoking accommodations.



Michaels keynote presentations are tailored to the time frame of your individual event.  However, time permitting 60 to 90 minutes is preferred by Michael

Apart from his time on stage, Michael is happy to support the event with any social or other interactions such as dinners, group activities, or one-on-one discussions. He will do everything within his ability to contribute to the success of your event, every time

Air Travel

Michael and his business partner Dorothy will arrange flights which will meet the clients budgetary requirements. While at the same time meet Michael traveling preferences so he is well prepared and rested to deliver a quality presentation to your audience.

Ground travel

Expenses include the cost of a round trip on B.C. Ferries, renting a car from Budget Car Rentals, and gas for his business vehicle. 

Lodging Requirements

Michael works best to stay in the night before and after he does his presentation, he stays in a non-smoking room. Please ensure elevator access within the hotel unless room is located on the ground floor.

Technical Support

Michael is a very animated speaker and likes to move around most of the stage while he is delivering his presentation. If possible could the podium please be moved to either side of the stage.

It is important for Michael to maintain eye contact with his audience. To facilitate this it is preferable that both the audience and Michael are appropriately lit and if possible no direct spotlight on his face.

Michael requires either a wireless head or lapel microphone so he can use his hands while delivering presentations.

Depending on the needs of the client and topics he is presenting on, Michael may use power-point slides and props.

Any video-taping or photographs must be approved by Michael Bortolotto & Associates in advance and a copy of all video footage and picture must be forwarded to Michael Bortolotto & Associates. Please e-mail Michael at