Children's Books by Michael Bortolotto

The Truth About Apples & Pineapples

For anyone seeking to prevent abusive acts of bullying among children, youth and adults. Michael Bortolotto's "The Truth About Apples & Pineapples" is a truly inspiring and educating story.

As a young boy in the late sixties and early seventies, Michael shares his journey through his childhood life of being bullied, learning to accept unique differences, and teaching others how to move beyond their own limiting thoughts. This book will teach and inspire the reader to respect and help each other, by looking past one another's unique differences to see and understand that there is value within all of us. Michael is confident this story carriers a strong message for all readers, a valuable teaching tool for parents, teachers, and counsellors and an asset to any library collection.

Tour de Couragé

Michael Bortolotto’s moving tale of learning to overcome the challenges of riding his tricycle as a toddler is not a book for children alone. Rather it is an insight into parenting, teaching, coaching, and any other life experience where we are called upon to raise children.

Within this is a lesson for the classroom, hockey rink, soccer field, homework time, dinner table, and all places where we observe our children’s exploration for growth. Places where as vicarious adults our needs for control of success through our children’s experience, and own self-worth can flourish unchecked.