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1. What is the benefit to audiences?

While each conference has a purpose and theme that Michael personalizes his presentation to, his delivery is always unique. Fasten your seatbelts as Michael will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride with his inspirational stories about his experience of growing up with cerbral palsy. The best part is you control every turn. Michael will work with you to determine the approach and message best suited to reach your audience. He will then arm the audience with tools to use in their lives immediately. These tools will not only benefit the audience in their work environment, but also in their personal environment, allowing each audience member to grow and develop long after the presentation.

2. Why is Michael unique?

Michael has lived through so much adversity and continues to face daily challenges, yet he has the ability to continue to overcome these challenges with a positive rebel frame of mind. With this frame of mind, Michael captivates his audience and puts them at ease. This allows the audiences defense system to be lowered. What happens then..Hearts open, eyes widen, mouths loosen, the child within the listener awakens. They laugh, they cry; they are moved and inspired.

3. What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a combination of chronic conditions affecting muscle coordination and body movement and is caused by damage to certain areas of the brain usually occurring in the early stages of life or during development of the fetus. Therefore, it is an aftereffect of damage to motor areas in the brain controlling movement or posture rather than damage to individual muscles.

Cerebral palsy is a non-progressive condition; however, certain other side effects such as muscle spasticity can develop at later stages and can get progressively worse or improve depending on the specifics of person's condition. Cerebral palsy is not a disease and therefore can not be communicated from one person to another

4. Will the audience be able to understand Michael?

You will be amazed at how easy Michael is to understand when he is giving a presentation. He always makes sure the audience does understand everything he says and instructs them to "put up their hand" and let him know if they missed a word or phrase. Although, he is happy to repeat anything that is not understood, this never happens. The audience always understands him perfectly. And, because the audience is listening intently, they will not miss any part of the message he delivers either!

5. What types of audience does Michael appeal to?

Michael works with a wide variety of audiences in the field of sports, health, safety, fire and police departments, financial planning, real estate, banking, human resources, retail, schools special events, and numorous conference.

6. Can Michael's messages comply with the objective and theme of a specific event?

Every presentation is customized to meet the needs of Michaels' clients. He has spoken to diverse audiences throughout the world and has vast experience in adapting his delivery to specific themes. Prior to the event, Michael will consult with the client to discuss any issue, themes or topics that the client would like addressed. Michael then incorporates these messages into his presentation and brings them to the audience through stories. At the same time he weaves the clients messages and objectives into his personal stories.