Customizing A Presentation Just For You.

Michael Bortolotto wants to work as a member of your team to ensure it is successful in reaching all it’s goals and objectives. If there is a keynote speech or presentations outlined in the “Audience Section” of this web-site that don't meet your needs or requirements, please feel free to approach Michael and ask him to build a customized presentation.

1. Becoming a positive rebel - A positive rebel uses their inner strength and self-confidence to reach a higher standard of success.

2. Leadership - Know yourself and seek self-improvement. Know your job, seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions, set an example. Produce a work environment that maximizes the potential of all and use the full capabilities of your organization by promoting team spirit.

3. Teamwork - When we collaborate, cooperate, and learn from each other through open and unbiased communication, we create win/win situations. By finding opportunities within a challenging situation and using effective thinking, we can make the impossible, possible.

4. Vision - Being able to move from an "outside in re-active thinker" to an "inside out pro-active thinker". You will be able to achieve your vision by feeling the fear, embracing the fear, and then accepting success. It is important to know where you are going so you know when you get there.

5. Effective thinking - We educate people to embrace the power of effective thinking. Effective people are not problem minded, they are opportunity minded, they starve the problem and feed the opportunity. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

6. Change & Uncertainty - Within any change there is a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity. It is at this point we are presented with an opportunity to grow and achieve. By pushing ourselves beyond our internal fears, our success and profits expand in direct proportion to our courage.

8. Bullying in Schools - When we lead ourselves beyond destructive forces and become pro-active against other peoples negative influences we learn to make responsible choices, limit the powers others have over us and be accountable for our own actions.

9. Diversify your workforce - Adopting a holistic approach of embracing and promoting people with unique talents and abilities and looking at the attributes that exist within a person gives you the opportunity to hire a committed workforce. By diversifying your workforce you’ll be enabling your staff to offer a superior level of customer service to a more diverse market.

10. Peer pressure - Being aware of the three different kinds of peer pressure will enable all employees' to regulate their behaviour around sensible and safe working practices. This can be achieved by understanding the differences between direct, indirect, and individual peer pressure. Through using their inner strength and self-confidence they can ignore peer pressure.

11. Bullying in the workplace - Does your staff understand the difference between power and force? If they don't, your work environment may be at risk to unnecessary and unproductive bullying behaviors creating a divisive work force. Examples will be provided to the audience on how they can use their power responsibly and be accountable for their own actions.