1 – Inspiring Students.

Over the past nineteen years, Michael has delivered hundreds of speeches to thousands of students throughout western Canada. His presentations focused on issues like:

  • Stopping abusive acts of bullying and negative peer pressure in schools.

  • Teaching students to rebel against their own negative temptations to create or manifest excuses as to why they can’t and won’t ever achieve their dreams.

  • Providing students with a simple they can use to assist them while going through school achieving their dreams as an adult.

  • Creating more inclusion within the social fabric of a school so that students with special needs can participate as equals.

To know more about the services Michael provides to school districts, students, staff, parent advisory committees, and parents, please double-click on the following web-site link.

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2 – Leading The Call.

Since the spring of 2001, Michael has been delivering a variety of keynote speeches at conference and in house training presentations to professional people who work within the public emergency service sector of society. Over the past ten years, Michael has been ask to speak to emergency service providers on:

  • The importance of becoming a self-leader before taking on the responsibility of leading other people.

  • Why being a good team player can prevent negative peer pressure and fatal accidents.

  • How can an emergency provider best serve their community.

  • Why vision and effective thinking can change an adverse situation into an opportunity to be successful.

To know more about the keynote speeches and in house training presentations Michael provides to fire and police departments, associations and organizations affiliated with public emergency service sector, and first time responders. Please double-click on the following web-site link.

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3 – Diversifying The Business World’s Landscape.

Are you thinking about or in the process of diversifying your workforce? Michael can help you reach you goals and objectives towards having a diverse and productive workforce which will grow and succeed well into the future. Michael calls upon his own experiences of:

  • Being embraced by employers who understand why diversity is important to their business and society.

  • Facing prohibiting barriers and false myths created by employers who are misinformed, have negative attitudes, and lack proper knowledge regarding people who are labeled different.

  • Teaching and illustrating how each person who is labeled as being different, can be used as a valuable asset and resource in assisting a business of any size achieve it’s goals and grow.

To know more about the keynote speeches and in house training presentations, Michael provides on diversity to corporations, financial institutions and the small business sector. Please double-click on the following web-site link.

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4 – Conferences, & Special Events.

Since 1992, Michael has delivered countless numbers of keynotes covering various topics and addressing many issues. All of the conferences or special events he has spoken at have, been held by major corporations, financial institutions, professional associations, non-profit organizations, and special interest groups throughout North America. The topics he covers in his keynotes are:

  • Becoming A Positive Rebel.

  • Teamwork.

  • Leadership.

  • Effective Thinking.

  • Vision.

  • Change and Uncertainty.

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5 – Dare To Imagine.

During the summer of 2009, Michael was chosen by Community Futures, British Columbia’s Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program as one of ten extraordinary entrepreneurs with a disability in the province of British Columbia. Through the process of learning, becoming, and being an entrepreneur, he has dared numerous audiences of both able-bodied and disabled-bodied people to imagine creating their own financial security through entrepreneurialism.

Getting people to move from daring to imagine and then becoming an entrepreneur requires a person who can inspire, educate, and lead through real life experiences. Within each presentation or workshop, Michael provides information, advice, and tools any aspiring entrepreneur can use to start and maintain their business venture.

To know more about the presentations and in house workshops Michael provides to agencies who support aspiring entrepreneurs make their vision become reality, please double-click on the following web-site link.

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6 – The Winning Spirit Burns Within You!

Is your teams goal to win a championship? Over the past seven years, Michael has assisted teams within major junior and tier two hockey, senior high school basketball and minor soccer reach their goal of winning. Michael specialize in inspiring, teaching, and giving each player tools they need to:

  • Create greater team cohesion during practice so they are more united during the intensity of a game.

  • Achieve both team and individual success.

  • See adverse challenges as opportunities to learn and succeed from.

  • Avoid becoming a victim of complacency and self-satisfaction.

  • Use change and uncertainty as a vehicle to win.

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7 – Inclusion For All, By Michael!

Michael believes and is committed to a society that is inclusive for everyone regardless of their physical, emotional, mental, or cultural status. He understands the challenges, barriers, and obstacles all unique people face as they struggle to live the life they dream of in our society and world. As a young man, he worked at making his dream of being a productive and valued citizen into a reality despite living with Cerebral Palsy.

To know more about the keynote speeches and presentations Michael provides to agencies, organizations, associations, and community groups who support children, youth, young adults, and adults who are labeled as being disabled or different. Please double-click on the following web-site link.

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